Nvidia Shield SmartThings Link vs SmartThings Hub

I got a Smartthings Link for my Nvidia Shield awhile back and it’s been a nice introduction into the smart world.

Am I missing out on anything by not having a dedicated Hub like V2 or V3?

Not too much different. Its a couple firmware versions behind, so less devices will run local. It won’t work with local cameras, but it looks like they took that away from the V2 hub.


Got it. Thanks.

Wanted to jump in and say I am very frustrated with the Samsung support on the Nvidia Smartthings Hub Link. I recently changed phones and I can’t get my new phone connected to the classic app. I need a welcome code to get logon on to the app. I have called Samsung, sent emails etc. and they say it is Nvidia issue, they were clueless why Samsung would expect Nvidia to support a Samsung device. I’m going to get a conventional hub probably v3

Are you logging in to Classic as a New user?

Samsung Tech Support finally came through and helped me out and I am up and running.

They had me add a new location in the classic app. (using my existing account).
But it is very hard to determine which in the new home location. I changed the icon photo to be able to distinguish. Both default to the same icon, you need to switch to the new location and all my devices were there. At the hamburger menu (top left) on the dashboard tab I had click the down arrow and select the new Home location. I did reach out to Nvidia tech support to cancel my trouble ticket. They were good sports but really had now idea about the Smartthings link.

I wanted to bump this thread. Glancing through the firmware releases, haven’t seen any mentions of the Smartthings Link for Shield in any of the newer firmware releases. Seems to me that we may be missing out on some features and/or bug fixes. Anyone know for sure that those of us on the Link are staying “up to date” with the best possible features and performance? I’ve been building up a decent number of devices and added a few tablets with ActionTiles during a home remodel, but if I’m going to change hubs I should do it before I get even deeper in to things.

1 more bump. I asked Nvidia to comment on upgrades to the Shield ST firmware…not very encouraging and they are several releases behind and some new devices are either not supported or new capability for others, like the new SONOS integration, are not supported.

"Response By Email (Troy) (01/30/2020 02:02 PM)
Hello Michael,
We have nothing to announce at this time insofar as Smart Things hub updates for SHIELD. Thanks for your interest.

Best Regards, Troy NVIDIA Customer Care L2"