Nvidia Link invalid code

Hey guys, was having some issues totally unrelated to Smartthings on my shield… Did a factory reset now my hub is always saying offline. Re-installed Smartthings on shield and it generates an invalid code. Any way to fix this without starting over? Smartthings really should have a backup/restore option.

You’re screwed. You can’t register the NVidia Link on the new ST app and you can’t run the classic app anymore. Samsung apparently does not support the Shield Link anymore, but they never told anyone. Search the web for Nvidia Shield link and you won’t find much.

It really was never supported anyhow. The firmware was many revisions behind the V2 and V3 hubs, and all Samsung did was blame Nvidia for the lack of updates. Bunch of BS as NVidia Shield regularly receives updates.

I was lucky that I had purchased, but never installed, a V3 hub. You could upgrade to a V3 hub, if you can find one. Or investigate alternative hubs.

that sucks. it’s funny because i can still go into smartthings and control my lights and everything else. if i didn’t log into the IDE, i wouldn’t have known. just seems that my zwave lock doesn’t work. I contacted Samsung and they told me how to install the Shield Link but it seemed like a generic response. Can’t find a v.3 hub anywhere… what a joke.

Well, the ST cloud wouldn’t’ t know that you factory reset your Shield, so if the device can communicate with cloud, I guess it’s not all that surprising that some stuff still works. Who knows if it’s intentional or just a fluke but I wouldn’t count on it working forever, even if you can manage to get it registered again.

In any case, the Shield Link is an dead end product with no chance in **** that it will ever get any more firmware updates. You’ll have to wait until Aeotec releases its hub, or consider alternative hubs as many of us have done.

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t pay much anyways so I don’t care. What hub did you buy? And are you not running smartthings anymore? Or you are running smartthings in a different brand hub?

I didn’t pay much for it either. That’s not what irked me though, it’s the way Samsung handled it and the complete lack of communication to Shield Link owners (among many other things).

Many of us have moved to Hubitat. Yes I’m still running ST for a few things that I either cannot or have not yet moved over. You can run HubConnect and get bi-directional sharing of devices between ST and Hubitat. Works great.

Lots of people have tossed ST completely, but lots of others use them both. You have a good deal of flexibility and the community is very helpful.

thanks Don, appreciate you response… I mean ya, if you didn’t say anything i wouldn’t even know. Samsung is still trying to help, saying uninstall app, report the issue via the app, they want to see logs to try to help, etc. Are you saying it just won’t work 100% and i shouldn’t even bother working with them? i don’t want to waste my time, i will just move on. thanks again Don, have a great day.

If you sign in at https://account.smartthings.com and navigate to My Hubs do you see the Link shown? You might need to delete the hub there and then try to activate it again in the app.

I do see it there and it says inactive but I was afraid to delete it as I didn’t want to have to start over from scratch. Not sure where all my settings and device info is stored though, in the hub itself or where you linked to.

I haven’t used this integration in quite awhile but if I recall correctly the configurations are mostly saved on the Shield itself. So if you reset the Shield, I believe the device pairings would need to be re-added back.

The problem is that the app won’t accept the activation code. Not enough or too many digits, or something like that.

The only reason I saw this thread is that the title is “Nvidia Link” and it’s exceedingly rare that anyone talks about it, so I was curious.

As I understand it, it was originally designed to plug into certain Samsung tv’s to turn them into ST hubs. That didn’t work out so they slapped “Nvidia Shield Link” labels on them and dumped them on Shield owners. At that point it probably already was an abandoned product. I don’t think it ever received any updates, despite the Shield itself getting fairly regular updates from Nvidia (who Samsung blamed for no updates).

Anyhow, I don’t know if there’s a back door way to activate it that only Samsung knows about but the “new” ST mobile app won’t accept the activation code.

Even if there is, the Shield app and Link firmware are so outdated that if you can get it to work again, I’d consider it a short-term solution.

I really didn’t care, I already had my V3 up and running and just wanted to try something out on a different hub and tried to resurrect my Link. It wasn’t important enough to attempt getting any support.

ya, i may be at that stage too, think i only paid $20 for it. The shitty thing is, it was working perfectly for our house until i messed with the shield, lol… thanks Don, will look at maybe Hubitat or Homeseer.

never could get it working. Moved to Home Assistant, couldn’t be happier. Hard to figure out but my automations are fairly easy.

Dodged this bullet:

yup, it seems so… they just sent me a coupon code for 65% off a new smartthings hub. I am done with smartthings, if anyone wants the code, let me know. I think it’s 65% off $99.

To be honest, I have never liked this platform. At the time of the announcement, shield seemed an interesting device, but over time it became clear that nothing awaits him except death. I was really surprised when you wanted to do everything using shield. Well, it’s good that you came to your senses in time!

yup, Home Assistant is awesome and someone grabbed the code from me. Officially done with Smartthings. Shield is an incredible media player though, just bought the link because i got an intro offer of like $20.

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