Set Up I can’t get Nvidia link hub working

OMG, I am so lost with trying to get my Nvidia Shield/SmartThings Link/Google Assistant working. I’ve read everything how to set up. I don’t know if it’s the wording, but when you start it tells you to pick Nvidia Shield hub, there is none. All I see is Samsung links. And then while trying each one, they are talking about a SmartThings hub, not the link. Please anyone help I’ve spent over $600.00 already. Also it ask me fore a Welcome code?

Did you follow these instructions?

The screenshot you posted is from which app, the new SmartThings app or SmartThings Classic?

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Download and use the “SmartThings Classic App”, not the “new” App.

Yes the new one, also I’m in Canada

I can down load the classic app on my iPhone, but I can’t down loaded on the Nvidia Shield.

You can use the new app, you just have to follow the directions I linked to. Did you do those steps in the IDE?

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What country are you in? Isn’t the Shield Link only for the USA? Your app is probably region locked, hence why it’s not showing the Shield Link and ADT hub.

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Ok, so I got everything working. Yes I’m in Canada. Now only problem is, it’s fine all day and evening, but in the morning the hub is off line. Easy fix, I just disconnect my VPN (IPVanish) then reconnect and it comes back on line. Any ideas?
Thank you in advance

How did you get it working? I don’t see the nvidia link listed and it doesn’t show up in a search


I have everything working now since April 2018. Nvidia Shield, google assistant, Kodi. I love it. It does take a little this and that. I’m not even sure what I did, but will try and answer any questions.