So SmartThings "Link" USB stick for NVIDIA is out. But will the compatible TVs get it as well?

So it’s out for pre-order in the US. Could someone from SmartThings tell use if
1-the USB stick will work with our compatible TVs
2-Us KS TV owners will get a USB stick any month now?
3-And will us UK KS TV owners get one?

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Will Samsung\Smartthings have any intention on bring this out for the promised KS series TVs?

@Tyler @nastevens

The release of the Link for the Shield is unrelated to the TV integration. I don’t have any updates to provide regarding the TV-as-a-hub integration.

@Tyler Thank you
I see that the Link for the Shield are the same specs as the Smartthings Extend so why can’t it work on the KS TVs?

If the Extend isn’t coming out We need to know please.

@Tyler @nastevens

I was told by Samsung UK that you(SmartThings) would know when\if the extend is coming out.

So I ask you again. Please answer.

Hey Terence,

The Link has different firmware than the Extend - they’re just different. I unfortunately don’t have an update regarding the SmartThings Extend for Samsung TVs, and I’m not aware of any updates or announcements coming soon.

Ok thank you.

All the people who bought a 2016 KS TV (UK)can now take it back for a full refund. A they was mis-sold.
I won’t be buying anything Samsung\smartthings again. I will tell people on the network to stay away as well.

Have you got smartthings support UK number please.

Sent a detailed email to Smartthings support on Monday morning. I also told SmartThings Facebook last week.
Nothing back as yet. Also there is no online chat with SmartThings .

If it wasn’t for WebCore I would put SmartThings hub 2 in the bin.

Samsung say talk to smartthings, smartthings say talk to Samsung. All scammers, the extend is vaporware. I’ve been chasing this since I was promised it would be out soon mid 2016, nearly 2018 and nothing, shame on you samsung/smartthings. I’ve been in contact many times with no information about something that was sold working "out of the box, other than it will be "soon.

You sent me a free smartthings v2 hub recently, if the extend was actually going to be released soon why would you??
Took that as a sign to never buy Samsung again, sold the tv
(The Samsung logo was irritating me :slight_smile: ) so you can keep the extend, I’ll send you a balloon to hold all of that air this vaporware takes up in your factorys…

I’ve made complaints to relevant authorities with images of signs advertising this feature as being included, as well as pages from Samsung.

Other than that, it rhymes with duck too :wink:

…bought an LG oled :astonished:

Yes they are. And if you contact the CEO in the UK. You will get a full refund.

I don’t think Samsung want a few 100mil dollar fine from the EU.

Oh and I got hold of a ST Extend it worked until Samsung updated the firmware so it wouldn’t.

I received an Extend here in the US, have video of it working with my Echo to turn on/off with voice command, and wondered what the heck happened to cause it to stop working suddenly. Good old firmware brick, and now the app is no longer found on my Samsung TV.

Is there any active forum or information resource that I missed the last 20 months while wasting hope on something I was really excited about?

Who do I contact here in the US to perhaps get a SmartThings hub instead? If thats what is going to replace the Extend, I guess I’d settle for that…but I’d really like to know what happened…

Remember this??

Just had a email asking me if I want to buy a Smartthings Link(extend). What a kick in the balls.

Jump on the current trends on twitter for “Samsung” & “CES2018” and replying to each new feed that mentions with a simple question:

Samsung CES2018 - Promises or Vaporware? What happened to the the Samsung .@smartthings Extend from 2016 .@Timbaxter1
Samsung should win a #GoldenGlobe for being a Big, Little Liar.

Raise some awareness!

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I said this after I got one from the US. Glad I moved over to Sony and android as everything works now with ST.