I have the SmartThings Hub V2, should i switch over to the Samsung Connect Pro?

Hi everyone,
I currently have the Samsung SmartThings hub V2.

Lowes.ca currently has the Samsung Connect Pro onsale for 99.99 each.
I picked up 3 of them.

I am debating if I should switch over from SmartThings to the Samsung Connect Pro.

What is your recommendation between the two?

Is it easy to switch all the connected devices over or will I have to do it manually?

Hi @h3nry8888,

Absolutely no!. If you did not get a banner in the SmartThings Classic app prompting you to migrate, you should stick to the ST Classic app for as long as you can.

Many people have noted that Shield and Connect hubs don’t get firmware updates as often (ever?) as the v2. If you’re using any Xiaomi devices they’re noted not to work well with the other hubs as well. I wouldn’t suggest moving in that direction.

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Thanks for the quick response.

I’ll steer away from using the SmartThings feature in the Samsung Connect Pro. :slight_smile:
Sounds like a disaster if they dont provide regular FW updates.

Now I just need to decide if its worth keeping the Samsung Connect Pro just for the Wi-Fi mesh setup.
I’ll be $300 CAD in for 3 pucks, not sure if its worth it.