Missing SmartApps?

New to Smartthings, just installed the ADT hub last week. It seems like there are supposed to be more SmartApps available under ‘Add a SmartApp’. I’m learning how to add my own, but I also see a lot of references to Smartthing approved ones that should be available. I have no more than 10 that show up now. Maybe I’m just missing something. Thanks.

You should have many available smart apps under Marketplace --> SmartApps. In there, you should see different groups and multiple apps under them. As you may have found out, there are many user supplied SmartApps available as well, most important being webCoRE.

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Just counted, I have 9 available. Any ideas on how to get more? Just reach out to support somehow? Thanks.

Sounds like contacting support would be a good idea. There’s a link to support at the top of the first page of this forum, or you can go there directly: