NST Manager Error:400

I’ve done quite a bit of forum searching and Googling, but have found no solution to this. Below is an image of the error.

Unsure of what it is stating, but to me I understand it as this; the NST Manager (or even SmartThings) can not successfully send the command to my Nest thermostat because the difference in temperature (measured in degrees) is too close, or in this case less than 3.0 degrees and because of that, Nest rejects the command, which in turn changes nothing on the thermostat. It makes sense and everyone keeps telling me even the Nest thermostat itself can’t have a variation of 3.0 degrees when in Heat/Cooling mode and have shown me proof. Fair enough, but here’s the catch…mine can go closer than a 3.0 degree variation (see below), but I doubt I’m alone.

Sorry for potato quality, very limited within the forum.

Regardless of what my Nest can do, changing it to even a 5.0 degree difference doesn’t matter as this error still shows up. Does anyone know how to fix this error? Please let me know if further information is needed and I’ll provide it. Thanks in advance!