Display of Nest settings not working


(Nora Hacker) #1

My Nest has been set to Heat so far, because it snowed the last time one week ago. Today we had 85 degrees F and I wanted to switch to “auto” mode - but after one or two seconds the mode is reset to “Heat”. Also the temperature for Cooling mode is just 0 degrees, I am not able to change this value, nothing happens. Refreshing the page or restarting the SmartThings app does not have any effect. I checked the event log on the developer site and I see commands registering (“auto common was sent to Nest”). I am using @notoriousbdg’s device type, latest version from Nov 2015. Any help is greatly appreciated!

(Pizzinini) #2

I suggest you switch to Nest Manager. The Nest device type and the app are far advanced from what the old device type was (Thank you @notoriousbdg ! Your device type has served me well for about 2 years! Great work!). Once everything is working for you, just delete the old devices.

(Nora Hacker) #3

Thank you @pizzinini - I installed Nest Manager and it works just great!