Iftt not reading my temperature sensor correctly?

Hi everyone

I’m very new to smartthings and I’m having some trouble with my samsung motion/temperature sensor and ifttt.

In the smartthings app its reading the temperature in C. When I create a new applet and put in: if smartthings sensor detects temperature below 17 c. Then set my best thermostat to 25 c.

The problem I’m having is that ifttt is reading the temperature in c as f. The sensor is reading at around 25 to 27 at the minute because its summer. The applet keeps in turning on and and sayings its detected the temperature at 25 to 27 f and thinks its -3c. I’ve tried keeping the applet the same but changing the 17 and 25 to their equivalent f values but didn’t not work. Also I tried creating a new applet using f only neither worked.

I’m completely stumped how to stop ifttt reading it as f and turning my heating on when its 27 c and the kibble of summer. I would really appreciate any help.


Is that a typo… did you mean Nest Thermostat? If yes, and you have a ST hub, you should consider installing NST Manager and avoiding IFTTT altogether.

Thanks for the reply. Yes it was typo and it is my nest thermostat. I have 3rd gen (v3) hub. Will it work with mine?


Yes, you can use NST Manager to integrate your Nest Thermostat with SmartThings. If you follow the link I posted above you can find the instructions for installing and using NST Manager. After you get it installed, you will not need IFTTT.

Note: google is migrating the nest products from the Works with Nest to Works with Google at the end of August so at this point, no one knows how this will affect the integration.

Thanks for help I appreciate it.

What I’ve just done is created to virtual switches to set my thermostat to 9c and 25c when turned on and off. When my motion sensor detects certain temperatures it will switch it on and off. I’ve checked ifttt the switch works. So hopefully this will of solved the problem. If not I will download nst manager.

Thanks again for the help.