Now subscriptions are broken ? What next?

Suddenly all my smart apps which use subscriptions are not working.

This means my Amazon Echo’s can no longer control my AC split systems (I have 5) and my harmony configurations no longer work !!!

I decided to open the live logger to see what was happening. I have debug statements in my code for the received subscription calls and sure enough they are not coming in.

While watching the logs suddenly I saw this flood of messages seen below. No idea what they are doing at SmartThings on the server side but it is seriously screwing up subscriptions. One of the few things that actually worked with SmartThings.

Nearly every SmartApp uses “subscriptions” (i.e., triggers based on Events fired by a Device or Location). That includes SmartTiles which uses subscriptions to keep the Tiles updated, of course.

It’s unlikely that “subscriptions” are completely broken, otherwise this would be considered a complete Platform Outage.

Have you contacted with a specific example? They can confirm if it is a problem with a certain Device or SmartApp … or a Platform outage…

Looks like it healed itself. Now all my smart apps are firing again. Don’t know what happened but I wasn’t the only one.

It is terrible that SmartThings performs changes on the Server Side without some type of notification. There should at least be a page which lists the updates being performed so when they break things (notice I didn’t say if) we can identify the update that caused it.

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Another problem that I encountered yesterday(and this morning) was that some smart lighting apps that i had set to use sunset to sunrise were firing outside of this schedule! Ill see how it is when i get home from work, but it wasn’t working correctly when i left this morning.