Cree bulbs disconnected

I woke up this morning to find that none of my Cree bulbs were controllable from ST. My GE Link bulbs and all the Z-wave devices seem to be working, as well as Zigbee sensors, etc.

I started by power cycling the bulbs. No luck. Then rebooted the hub via IDE, no luck. Pulled power and batteries from hub for 15 minutes, repowered, no luck.

Next I factory reset one of the cree bulbs while the hub was in join mode, no change. Then factory reset the bulb, powered it off, put the hub in join mode, powered bulb on, still nothing.

I’m trying to avoid removing the devices from ST, since I have lots of automations that would need to be recreated. Anything else I can try?

I should note that earlier this week I disabled insecure rejoin for zigbee devices. Thinking that could have been the problem this morning, I also reenabled insecure rejoin.

Wow Patrick,

I have 6 of these an so far nothing like that has happened. You might check the device list in IDE to see if they are still on the list of devices and showing active. It will also show you the last time of communication.

I don’t know what else to suggest at this point except opening a ticket. Perhaps someone that might have had a similar experience will chime in here.

Hope things improve.

Phil, I did make sure that the devices are still in the IDE, and I tried switching the device handler to SmartPower dimming outlet temporarily to see if that got anything going. No luck :frowning:

Ok I’ve got one other idea. Long shot certainly but what the heck.

I’m not sure where these bulbs are in relation to your hub. Could you move one of them to a location within just a few feet of the hub and see if you can control it when in that proximity. That might say it’s a range issue.

If know they have probably been in the same locations for a while but someone else may have introduced some rf noise nearby that is impacting you. I’m just grasping at straws here but given all you have tried it’s all I’ve got.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think this is an RF problem. One of the bulbs is right next to the hub, and the rest of them are all well within the zigbee mesh.

Well crap…at this point I’m just left with opening a ticket. If I think of anything else I’ll put it here. Maybe someone else will come along with a solution for you.

So, ST support responded and told me I needed to remove all the devices and then factory reset and rejoin. Sigh. 8 bulbs and 30ish automations…

After spending a few hours on this, here’s what I found:

The Cree bulb documentation and SmartThings documentation is wrong for the factory reset procedure. See this reddit discussion for details:

I was able to get the bulbs working again without deleting the devices if I did the following: factory reset the bulb, remove power from bulb, put hub in join mode, power bulb on, wait 30 seconds, exit join mode. On my first try I was assuming that the bulbs would join the hub immediately after factory resetting, not after an additional power cycle.

Also note that I’d removed all bulbs from all automations at that point, so that could have been a contributing factor as well.

All in all, a lot of time wasted on SmartThings today. Makes me wish I’d gone with a different platform, especially given the lack of effective local control and this week’s outage.