Sending Notifications

I’ve been reading through the documentation on sending notifications ( which states that using the contact book is the preferred way to send notifications.

I have created a smartapp with a “contact” input but I only ever see the text input fallback. The documentation mentions the contact book potentioally not being enabled but I can’t for the life of me find how to enable it.

Can someone point me to where I enable it or is this yet another case of the documentation being out of date?

ST hasn’t enabled it for the general public yet.

It was enabled but than rolled back shortly after release. It will be re-released in the future.

That said, while contact book is now not enabled, developers can use the “contact” input type (with the fallback mechanism discussed in the docs) to be future-proof for when contact book is re-enabled.

So, in this case, it’s more the case that the docs are a bit ahead :smile:

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Ah OK thanks for the info. Hopefully it will be available soon so we can send notificiations to specific users instead of everyone. I’ll give sms a try for now.

Hey Jim,

Do you have any ETA at this time for the contact book feature being accessible for everyone ?


Sorry for the delay.

It’s not on the immediate release horizon. It’s something that is being targeted for later this year.

Hi, just want to say I am just getting to grips with SmartThings since recently purchasing it. So far, very impressed :slight_smile: I was, however, amazed and disappointed that it is not possible to send notifications to specific users (i don’t need to be told when i get home but my wife does, for example). I am glad to hear it’s being looked into with the proposed Contact Book feature although it seems things have gone a bit quiet. Is there any news on an ETA for this?