Notify me when - mode problem


I have been using the notify me when app for the last year with no problems, however it has now stopped reponding to mode changes. I have it set so that i get notifications of movement (my cat) when I am away. It now notifies me whenever the movement sensor is triggered whatever mode the SHM is in

I have removed and reinstated the app a couple of times but this didn’t help

I emailed support last thursday and await a response


I know it’s not much help, but it works fine for me. I do the same as you. I have the notify me app set to only send notifications when my wife and I are away and it works fine and has been for awhile.

We use our phones for mode detection. Sounds like maybe it’s a problem with how your system is detecting your current mode.

You are not the only one!

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Got the exact same problem, had to uninstall ‘notify me when’ as it would not adhere to mode restrictions and I was getting a load of notifications whilst home

I got a response from support but they could not do anything as I had removed the app! I have reinstated it and notified them this morning

Can you share who you talked to? I can send him/her the logs I see:

‎1‎:‎21‎:‎46‎ ‎PM: debug Updated with settings: [mySwitch:[Master Bedroom Light], mySwitchOff:[Master Bedroom Light], pushAndPhone:Yes, frequency:10, modeSelected:Babysitter in the house]

As you see, the modeselected parameter in the settings is not part of the Smartapp code, so it should be a generic ST code used in the context of Smartapps.
I created “Babysitter in the house” for specific usage but I don’t use it in this smartapp.
So the weird thing here is that I didn’t specify a mode for any specific action but in the smartapp, it is set in the settings. Not sure if this is linked, but that is suspicious…

Hi Alec,
Thank you for confirming your email address.
I have now had a look at your account but I cannot see anything set up on your account currently, based on what you have described. Have you deleted the SmartApp that you referred to?
Unfortunately, I cannot view historic data for apps that no longer exist, If you are able to set this back up and let me know if you have any further problems, I will gladly take a look for you. Please be careful, when setting this back up, to input your telephone number using the correct international dialing code (+44), as I notice that currently you have this set up incorrectly in some of your other apps.
If you can give that a try and let me know how you get on, I’m sure we can work out a solution for you.
Kind regards,
Dan Hughes
SmartThings Support Engineer

Hi Philippe

I couldn’t understand what you meant in your last paragraph


I can confirm having the same issues.

Hi Alec, sorry for that. I updated my statement above.

in short, the log shows the smartapp has a custom mode I created in modeselected settings variable. Since I didn’t enter that value during the smartapp setttings, i don’t see why it would be there.