Notify me when, false alerts

I keep getting false alerts from my living room motion sensor via notify me when.

I have it set to not alert when In home mode. I’ve confirmed that this is still the case, yet I keep getting push and text messages.

Any ideas guys?

can you verify the mode your location is in? in the app, in the top menu?

Yeah Matt. I’m at ‘home’

cool. usually these types of false alarms are actually from the setup of the NotifyMeWhen app settings, or from another instance of notifymewhen that was made previously. I haven’t seen any “glitches” with notifymewhen recently.

One possibility, when you say “I’m Home” does that mean your hub mode is “Home”? There are times when I’m home but my hub is in “night mode” or “after bedtime” mode.

Hi Matt. I’m home, and this Is unchecked within notify me when, which is why I’m baffled.

Being Home and having smartthings in “Home” mode are different. this is a screenshot of my smartthings app showing I’m in “Night” mode, and I’m currently at Home.

I know buddy. It’s set up correctly, but still getting false alerts

Ha okay! I was just a little thrown off by your wording!

Try here…

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