Newbie question for motion sensor

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I’m just trying to get my head around all of this so please forgive me if I’m missing something obvious. I have the motion sensor set up to notify me when in Away mode. But, it doesn’t seem to care… it just always notifies me. Any thoughts as to what I’m missing?

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We would need a little more information. There are literally about a dozen different ways to have a motion sensor notify you on a smartthings system. So what did you set up to do the notification? Was it smart home monitor? Notify me when? A routine? Something else?

If it was smart home monitor, you may have been confused about the fact that the “away” alarm status is not the same thing as the “away” mode.

If you weren’t aware that the word “away” is used in two completely different ways in smartthings, the following thread might help. (This is a clickable link)


Thanks very much for the reply. I will read up on the post you mentioned for sure. As far as my set up, all I did was add the smart app called “Notify Me When” and I have it set for “Set for specific modes” - Away.

Wow I have a lot to learn! Thanks again.

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OK, if it’s the notify me when app, then it using the regular mode. Not the smart home monitor alarm status.

What are you using to change the mode from home to away? You have to set up a routine or a rule someplace to make the change, it won’t happen on its own.

Ah ok, makes sense. I was thinking because when I’m not home it shows my phone as “Away” and when I am it shows as “present” that would do it. Not the case I guess. So maybe I should set up the smart home monitor?

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Actually what I should ask is how can I use the geofence feature to know when I’m away and when I’m home and set it appropriately? I think that is my ultimate goal. Thank you again :slight_smile:

You would go into the “Goodbye!” and “I’m back!” routines, modify those to automatically run when your phone (after setting that up as a Presence sensor) leaves and returns. Those routines will automatically change your home’s mode between Home and Away.