Notifications for Lock status and Presence

Hi All,

Bask in v1, I remember when I added a lock, it brought up a quick form with options on if I wanted notifications for locking/unlocking and if I wanted to lock to Auto-Lock after a certain period of time.

How do you go about this in v2? I have added my Schlage Touchscreen lock and I have basic Lock/Unlock control. I did a little research and for now, I added the Pushover notify me SA to send notifications on Lock/Unlock. Is the currently the only way to accomplish this? Also, I don’t see any where to configure auto-locking based on TIME, as I don’t have an open/close sensor. Everything else I’ve seen is open/close sensor dependent?

Finally, how do I go about getting notifications when a user (for now, myself) leaves the house? I setup the geofence, I have GPS enabled for the ST app on my iPhone. However, I am not receiving any alerts that I left home on my way to work this morning.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!

Page 7, your lock can do this natively, or if your life is very consistent there is the “lock it at a specific time” app in safety and security, or just buy a contact sensor to enable more options like the “enhanced auto door lock” that will auto lock your door and give you notifications.

The fact that it supports it natively is exactly why I want that piece controlled by ST! Let me elaborate - natively is 30seconds. This becomes a huge PITA when we are walking the dogs or guests come over who need to Run out to their car. Guests are constantly getting locked out and we’ve become habitualized in opening the door, turning the deadbolt and leaving it open while we walk the dog. It’s rather annoying and has the room for error as someone goes to close the door with the deadbolt sticking out…my poor door trim!

This is why I wanted to modify it and have ST control it. I could then set it for 2 minutes, etc.

While I did plan to get an internal contact sensor, I’m not there yet. I was hoping I could just do this based on a timer as the native lock can.


This is my dumbed down version (does not require a door open/close sensor) of the enhanced auto lock app:

To add this App, navigate to the IDE, add new smartapp from code, and publish in IDE, and setup the smartapp on your lock.

Keep in mind this or any SmartApp (w/ exception of smart lighting) requires the hub to be operating and connected to the internet. This is not a local/native automation like the physical auto lock switch.

You, sir, are awesome! This why I love this community! Thank you, @jcholpuch!!