Turn off sensor notification if door was just unlocked? (I don’t want two notifications every time)


I was wondering if someone can help me out.

I have a Schlage Lock and a door sensor. Both give me a notification that the Schlage lock was opened by a family member and the door sensor door was opened.

Is there a way to just notifies me when the Schlage lock was open only and bypass the door sensor notification, just for when the Schlage lock was opened. I still want the door sensor to let me know when the door opens from the inside. It get annoying when I get 2 notifications.

Hope I made this clear enough.

Thanks in advance

What App are you using? What rule engine are you using to give you the notifications? I use webCoRE which can easily handle this task.

You need a way of letting ST know if the door was opened from the inside…Maybe a motion sensor?

If contact changes to open
Motion “was” active for xxx
Then send notification


I use RBoy App to control my Schlage lock and just the smartthings app for the door sensor.

I don’t have a motion sensor and dont see how this would work.

WebCore, Im going to have to look into this.

How will you know if someone opened the door from inside the house or outside? There has to be a way of determining this. I have a motion on the outside of my doors and inside of the doors.

If outside motion is active and contact hasn’t opened, then I can determine the direction of travel if the door is opened…

If lock was opened with code then you can conclude that someone came in from the outside. But if the door is already unlocked then…

This is how adding motions would assist.

OK, I see your point, but I have a door sensor on the door and it notifies me when the door was opened/closed, so I want to stop the double notification when someone use the code.

I looked at that webcore, doesn’t look easy to do.