Schlage Help and a Promise


I am brand new to Smartthings and I need some help. But first, my promise. I promise to read and view video to become a Smarter user of Smartthings so as not to be bothering everyone with rookie questions.

So I have a Schlage lock, my only device so far, and i have it hooked up and its working fine. I am trying to figure out how to get a text alert or notification when the lock is opened or closed. I understand that I can view the activity log to see what has happened, but I would like a simple alert right when it is used.


(Keith Croshaw) #2

From the dashboard click the + icon.

Then Click Locks.

Then Click your lock, it doesn’t really matter which.

Then Click Top Alerts and Actions.

Configure one of these actions, even if you don’t keep it and a “doors and locks” section will appear in the dashboard.

Now click on it and then click the gear in the upper right hand corner.

Click on whatever you named your door then click know and control if the door is locked.

There’s a section below to receive a text message when it’s unlocked or locked here.

I know… a few too many steps… but at least you can out of the box.


Thank you Keith. I was able to set it up, but can’t test it until later. After i went through the steps, it made sense. Thanks again!

(Keith Croshaw) #4

No problem. Those Dashboard tiles are too difficult to create when it’s your first device that falls into that category. The app should really detect you have a lock or contact sensor and just add the tile with a <!> Saying that you have to configure it, even if you don’t use it.


I thought it was going to be a bit more intuitive, but I guess not. I will spend time researching and learning how to do things as I add devices. Thanks again.

(Keith Croshaw) #6

I think it’s going to get better soon… We hope…


One more question. I am using the IOS App on both an iphone and an ipad. Someone just unlocked the door. On the ipad i got a notification from the app. On my phone, I received a notification from the app but also got an SMS text message. Did I do something wrong. Would rather not have double notification.


I may have answered my own question. Under the notification method I had “Push Notification” and also “Send a text message to:” filled out.

(Keith Croshaw) #9

I stick to push as SMS is not free for me. And push just seems like the path of least resistance in my opinion.