Lock Notifications - alerts only when specific codes are used?

Hi everyone, I am new to the community so please go easy. I have tried to search for the answer to my question but have not found anything definitive.

I am looking to purchase a ST hub and a few zwave enabled lock and some sensors but I have very specific needs that I am curious if ST will be able to provide.

  1. the lock can have multiple pins. I only want to get alerts when a specific pin is used with specific text. Ex. 1234 is assigned to Doug… When Doug comes to my house and enters pin 1234 on the door, I would like to receive notification on my iPhone’s Lock Screen or Apple Watch that “Doug has entered the FRONT door”. Is this possible? I don’t need notifications everytime my wife or myself enter the front door or any other door for that matter. I need these notifications for approx 5-7 different pins with the appropriate text to go along with the pin use.

  2. I plan to set the front door to automatically relock itself after a certain amount of time. However I only want it to lock itself when the door is physically closed. I want to be able to possibly use a sensor on the door and get 3 things:
    a) if the door sensor is “opened” for more than 3 min (or some number) alert my phone or watch with something like “attention is needed at the front door, it is not closed”

b) if the door sensor is “closed” then wait “3 min” (or some number) and lock the front door

c) if the door is reopened during the waiting period… everything starts over.

  1. Can I get alerts for example if the door is not closed all the way and the lock jams?

  2. Battery of lock at 25% warning, then a critical warning when the battery is at 10%. Both of these with specific texts that I set? And have it sent to my phone lock screen or watch?

  3. have all the alerts just mentioned sent to more than one person (i.e. the 2 adults in the house)?

Thanks and sorry for the long first post. Looking forward to replies.

1 With Schlage touchscreen lock and user lock code manager you can easily set it up to notify you who opened( unlocked ) door. I get them on my Android phone and watch, so see no reason why it would not be the same on your Apple ( Well except Apple like to make things difficult )

2 a,b,c these will simply require adding a contact ( open close) sensor to the door along with the lock

3 The User Lock code manager will send a notification if the lock jams while locking or unlocking

4 Schlage locks have this feature built in, you will get a flashing red light usually about a week or 2 before the batteries actually dies. There are a couple different ST apps that monitor device battery level as well as it always being displayed under the device in the app

5 Push notifications will go to every phone you have ST installed on. You can add multiple phone numbers for SMS notifications in the User lock manager app


…just to add you should be able to do all that you are asking with Schlage Connect locks and the @RBoy device handlers and smartapps at www.rboyapps.com There is a small fee.

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