Multi Sensor + Schlage Lock

Alright so I have a Schlage Touch Screen deadbolt installed. I didn’t like the 30 second auto lock feature because I was always paranoid about it locking while I’m holding the door open for the pizza man or whatever. To get past this I just bought a ST multi sensor to use as an open close sensor for the door. I created a routine to lock the door and set it’s trigger to whenever the sensor detects the door being closed. When I’m entering my apartment using the touchpad the door locks like it’s supposed to once the door is closed. When leaving my house, however, I manually unlock the door from the inside and when I close the door it does not auto lock. Checking the activity feed, ST is saying that it’s sending the lock command to the deadbolt but for some reason it’s not locking. It only doesn’t work after manually unlocking the deadbolt. Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? Any help would be much appreciated.