Notifications broken after windows app install

Got the email that ST now has a windows 10 app. Great it must be better than action tiles or else why bother right? Well it’s 1000x worse than action tiles, it only allows you to view devices, nothing else.

AND it also broke all notifications on my android ST app. Since Saturday when I installed the windows app, I noticed I’m getting no notifications from devices or smartapps or automations. NONE AT ALL.

To try and fix I have…
uninstalled the awful windows 10 app
restarted my computer
restarted my android phone (S8)
restarted the ST hub
made sure notifications in the ST app are turned on
made sure notifications in android settings for the ST app are turned on
recreated several automations that do nothing but send notifications

i STILL GET ZERO NOTIFICATIONS. Ongoing for several days now.

I have $2000 invested in ST products and without notifications the entire system is useless to me.

Any help or ideas anyone has would be much appreciated. Thanks.

I added a new automation last night with just a notification. After I added it, for about 2-3 minutes notifications started working again, then stopped again. Time to shop for a new system. Without notifications the system is useless to me.

Anyone have any ideas? This system has been plagued with issues the last couple of years. Someone must have had this issues before… ?


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Have you contacted ST support?

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Now that you mention it, I don’t remember seeing notifications for a few days either. I don’t make much use of them. I just tried a new Automation and no notification appeared, though it appears in Messages.

I have installed the Windows app recently but I’ve also had an Android app update too, as well as using the web portal and adding a Member. I’ve also had an Android update recently. So no specific correlation for me.

I’m having the same issue, no ST Notifications on my phone (S20 Ultra)
I’ve installed and tested the ST Windows app a couple of days ago, but also the Samsung Push Service was updated on my phone yesterday…
Not sure what is causing this yet.

Talked with ST support today. They have no idea what’s going on. They tried resetting my alerts on the back end, and partial notifications started working, but then 2 minutes later stopped again. We tried uninstall app, reinstall, no good. Tried few other things, no good, still no notifications. They put in a ticket and I sent a log file. I’ll give them a few days, see if they can figure it out, but I’m already shopping for a new system just in case. Today I removed my Arlo cameras from ST since that integration doesn’t work well either and I’m sick of things not working. Notifications are important to me for house temps, when certain doors open or close, when my security cameras turn on or off, when I go into armed or disarmed mode, and on and on. I have about 30+ automations and custom monitors that send notifications. I don’t know how Samsung messed up smart things so bad, but they sure did.

And just now, all of a sudden, one notification came in. A high humidity alert from my Zooz 4in1 sensor. So I thought, maybe they started working, checked several doors that should alert me if opened or closed and nothing. And the zooz is still reporting high humidity, but no new notifications about it.

It’s clear I can get notifications from ST on my phone, so the issue has to be on the account/back end side. My guess is logging into the windows app changed something in my account related to notifications so that windows could get them too and completely broke notifications.

Tagging @blake.arnold so he can see this.

Some further checks on my phone suggest the notifications did indeed stop around the time the Windows app was installed, though also the time I added a Member.

Mine have started working this morning at 5am EST. Been 3 1/2 hours and still good. Lets hope this is resolved.

My notifications are currently working too. Thanks for mentioning it as one of the tests I was using to generate a notification wasn’t valid.

My notifications started working this morning as well. I thought it might of had something to do with removing arlo from ST, but if others are working as well then smartthings must of fixed something.

Maybe I’ll start posting about the other issues I have since migrating to the new platform. Hopefully they can be fixed too. Been with smartthings since 2016, really don’t want to start all over with something else.

If ST could let us know what caused the issue, that would be great. This way we can know whether to try to windows app again or not.


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This issue was raised internally and resolved around 9 AM EDT.

Unfortunately I don’t have additional details about the issue. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue by using the Windows app and my colleagues weren’t either. I am unclear on the connection but it does seem awful coincidental. However I would say it is safe to use the windows app again.

Ok. Thank you for the info. I’m just glad it’s all working correctly again. Have a good one.

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