[PROBLEM NO NOTIFICATIONS ARRIVE] Oneplus 6T all notifications work but not those of Smartthings

For a few days I have not received any notification on my Oneplus 6T. I don’t think it’s a Smartthings problem because everything works in my wife’s mobile phone Huawei P20 Lite. But I am looking for advice on how to solve. I’ve already tried deleting the app completely and reinstalling it, but it doesn’t change anything.
Power management is already disabled, it doesn’t seem to be an app killed issue, just notifications just don’t work. This is a big inconvenience, does anyone have any advice?

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You’re not the only one,

I’m having EXACTLY the same problem in a Samsung S21 Ultra, my phone gets no notifications, my wife’s does (Note 10).

This sounds to me like some SmartThings platform issue. Not sure if its related that I started using the new Windows application or the beta web dashboard.

No particular suggestions, but there are three more of us missing notifications on another thread where the OP considered installing the Windows app to be the trigger. As it happens I did install the app (and have removed it) when it came out but I can’t correlate that with the onset of the problem as I have very few notifications to start with and was only vaguely aware of a problem. All I can say is it has been a few days.

Update: My phone reveals my last ST notifications were five days ago which does correlate with the app.

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Yes, I read the other topic… I have try the app in win 10 yes… :pensive:. I hope the problem will be solved ASAP

I am not receiving notifications on the Win 10 app, or my cell. Seems like we can all correlate it to installing the new Win10 App.

Please open a ticket with support. I did as well.

I just made the mistake of trying to do that in the app but couldn’t remember which option, if any, gets a SmartThings support ticket rather than putting you through to Samsung support. Clearly it isn’t ‘Other’. Not only was it not SmartThings support but instead of sitting abandoned forever as previous messages via the app have, it actually got a reply which appeared via the Samsung Members app. The least said about the reply the better, let’s just say that yes it did involve reinstalling the SmartThings app but then it moved onto generating debug logs for my phone via codes. I shall just go and cry softly for a while.

Moral of the story, in the UK just e-mail support@smartthings.co.uk as that way you’ll get the prize of a ticket number.

my problem is solved. Today all notification work fine.

@Brad_ST Really glad to see you all picked this up and acted on it.

My notifications started working again this morning (only tested phone, as I uninstalled the Win App).

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