3rd party devices stopped sending notifications all of sudden

i have a few devices connected to ST, garage door opener, door/window contacts. All devices are still working fine and registering events under device history. However they are no longer creating any notification events when looking in the app. I’m also no longer getting push notifications. I checked that have notifications enabled for those devices but the only registered events seems to be samsung devices. I was wondering anyone knows what happened recently to cause this and if this is the end of my ST journey?

How are you creating the notifications? There are very few notifications created for devices without you setting them up yourself. Can you give examples of notifications that you are no longer seeing?

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before, I would get notifications for opening and closing for garage, window and doors. when looking under the ST app → notifications those events would be there and sent to my phone as push notifications. however I don’t see any notifications for those same devices today while selecting individual devices → history, I can see that the open/close event did register with ST

guess the real question is that ST used to notify on events that’ captured in devices history. it doesn’t do that anymore. i can see the registered events in history but not notifications. so how do i get it to notify when new events have been added to history?

Does “before” mean a few months ago or does ‘before” mean last week? :thinking:

Back in January SmartThings stopped running all custom SmartApps that ran in the free groovy cloud, including several popular ones that were used for notifications like “Notify me when.”

See the community FAQ for specifics:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

So that’s why people are asking you exactly what you had set up to create those notifications in the first place. If it was one of those custom apps, then you’re going to have to re-create the notifications using the new architecture.

But if this is a change in the last week or so, that would be something else.

In the Notifications section, tap on Filter in the upper right and check that you had not made any previous adjustments.

As for Push Notifications… a few versions back, I stopped receiving them on my iPhone but they continue to work on my iPad. Can’t figure it it but others report they still work on their iPhone. :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

thanks for that info. i did not run any custom apps that i can recall to get the notification in the past. It has been some time since the notifications but i can’t recall if it’s Jan or not. The door/garage sensors are all from popular brands so maybe they set something up?? /shrug

no previous adjustments. all notifications are enabled for those devices

now that i’m thinking about it more, i did use notify me… did not realize it’s an app not running from ST. I’ve set up routines for now as replacement

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