Windows 10 Mobile no notifications

Anyone else on Windows 10 Mobile not getting any notifications from SmartThings starting today (2/8/17)? It was fine yesterday.

I have the same issue. First I thought it was because of windows phone app removal, but I checked and the app only be removed April 1st and support it will finish on June.

I chatted with ST support and they are able to reproduce on their end.

However, there is no guarantee that it will get fixed since they are discontinuing the mobile app on April 1st.

Guess it’s time to look into getting an Android device.

Looks like ST fixed it

They dropped support for the windows mobile app. You must be the .001% that they said were still using it…

Wow, didn’t realize there were that many Windows Phone users. I thought it would be much less than that. :cold_sweat:

you have setting to notification on your mobile.

me too… I must be the 0.002 % then!