Notification Options ? - Android subtleties ? "do not disturb"/batteries etc

I know the subject of ‘false’ battery notifications have been reported a thousand times, and this relates to that but that is a symptom rather than the issue.

At night I set my android phone set to ‘do not disturb’ so I can only receive calls from close friends family - ie emergency situations, all other notifications (apart from phone clock alarms) are suppressed.

I have added Smartthings to the exception list so that I will receive those messages too, eg I am in a hotel room someone breaks into my house or the smoke detector is triggered the phone will wake me with a notification - great just what I want.
But how do I stop those annoying battery warning messages etc ? I can’t find anyway to filter the messages - I don’t want minor messages waking me just the important SHM ones,

Has anyone overcome this ? is there an easy and yet reliable answer combining smartthings with Android options etc perhaps that I have missed ?

Thanks in advance.

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great question.

You could set it up so that you get an SMS from ST for the alarm and then set ST as an exception to the do not disturb.

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Thanks - that might work - will give it a try , my only concern is I am adding another step to the process and if for example I am in a hotel with wifi but not with good cellular comms I may not receive the text .

With absolutely no signal, then yes, you might not. But I can usually get SMS even if I have a single bar only some of the time. You could always subscribe to one of those free text messaging services that send their messages over data. But I’ve definitely had more trouble getting a data connection than receiving SMS. Any solution is going to have a downside. Just have to see what ones you’re able to mitigate and live with.

I have an iPhone, but this is what I do.

Smoke/CO and intrusion alerts send an sms, and I created a contact for ST (with a particularly jarring sms alert tone), which is on the exception list for do-not-disturb.

Less critical alerts send a push message, which doesn’t make it through DND so I can keep sleeping.

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Yes thanks both, have tried that and itworks well - brings me another compromise on accepting text messages during DND but I will live with that to make SHM work. Thanks.

But you only have to accept messages from certain people. There’s an approved senders list.

no previously I only accepted calls from favourites during DND - on basis that if it were truly urgent then they would call not text. So either if I am asleep or if I am in an important meeting and put my phone to DND, if I accept text messages then I am more likely to be disturbed than before. It’s just a compromise, I’d prefer the ability to filter when ST sends notifications

But you don’t have to accept text messages from everyone during DND, you can accept them just from ST. Plus, there are two levels of DND, there is priority which allows messages/call/notifications as you have set and then Alarms only which blocks absolutely everything but alarms. What version of android OS are you running?

not true. If you only accept messages from ST you will be disturbed the exact same number of times if you filtered notifications. We have given you a solution that works the exact same way you want it to. What you want to do is a function of the Android OS. Maybe you should write an android app to filter your notications for you.

I cannot select messages from ST only - it’s either ‘All, Contacts Only, Favourite Contacts Only or None’.
I had it set to ‘none’ before - I now have it at ‘favourites only’ but that includes family & key friends not just ST - as I want to receive calls from the same group during DND (the options are the same for calls and texts). I cannot see an option to allow only texts from one source - ie ST, whilst allowing calls from all my favourites.

As family and friends usually text for the mundane rather than calling then during DND I do risk having more disturbances.

Android 7

I have an HTC 10. It has the following options for Allow Messages from:
Favorites only
Approved Contacts only
No one

Maybe this is a difference between manufacturers…one of those things that changes with your “flavour” of the Android OS.