The mobile app needs alarm for SHM (and other smartapps)


I have notifications and texts set up respectively from smartthings and it works great for simple things like notifying me when important rules are run. BUT, i recently implemented security and i now realize I usually set my phone to vibrate for work and could easily miss intrusion detections or smoke alarms.

I feel this is precisely why theres an alarm stream for audio, (mobile devices have an alarm stream which plays audio even when other phone audio is silenced) and a great implementation might be a checkbox for alerts to allow those specified to use the alarm stream.

I know we’re getting a lot of false alarms, but i’d rather get them than not get them.

Do you think this could be done?


Bueller? Bueller?

(Greg) #3

For important things I make it a text and I make the ST contact in my phone a special noise that isn’t silenced in any profile.