Android Do Not Disturb and Smart Home Monitor

Problem with Smart Home Monitor and Do Not Disturb. I always put my phone to Do Not Disturb at night so I don’t get calls or text messages. I also set my home to Armed(Home) at night but if something were to happen, my phone doesn’t alert me because I always put my phone on Do Not Disturb. All it does on my Android phone 8.1 is put the notification icon on my screen and that’s it. Wondering if someone has found a way around that or maybe I just need to put a controllable light switch or bulb in my bedroom and that can turn on when I get a notification. Thoughts?

On your phone go to settings, under do not disturb select allow exceptions. ST should then be selected to allow it to disturb your sleep if needed.

That isn’t an option on my phone. I have the latest version of Android 8.1.

I’m on Android 7 so it might be slightly different.

Under do not disturb, I have a choice for “priority app notifications”. Clicking that will bring up the apps on the phone and they can be individually selected to be an exception.

Here’s a link that might help:

Goto to Apps, select SmartThings, select Notifications. Toggle all Notification selections to off. You will see Override Do Not Disturb


We have a winner. Thanks WB70. I knew it had to be somewhere but they had it hidden in the app preferences instead of the do not disturb like previous versions.

:slight_smile: Good deal. Mark that post as a Solution so if anyone else has the issue, they can quickly see the resolution.