Issue : I don't get alerts/notifications over night

Hi all, I’m relatively new to smartthings and would appreciate a little help please.

I have very simple set up at the moment, smartthings hub, multipurpose sensor and latest app on Android 10.

I’m using the built in SmartThings Home Monitor smart app to just alert/notify me on my mobile phone if the front door is opened. I set everything up very quickly and it seems to work great during the daytime.

The issue is that I don’t get any alerts over night. My phone is set up as ‘Do not disturb’ all the time (both day and night). I have allowed the SmartThings app to over-ride the do not disturb status in android in ‘Apps and Notifications’ settings and, as I said earlier, during the day it works fine.

But, for example, my wife went to work at 6am this morning and I didn’t get an alert as she opened the door. However when I unlocked the phone at 9am the notification pinged up.

I suspect this is more of an issue with the phone/app going to sleep overnight rather than any hardware/application setup.

I’d be most grateful for any advice as to why this is happening.

Thanks in advance


Are you using the “Wind Down” feature. I haven’t been able to pinpoint it but I think that feature is causing some weirdness with my Nest outdoor cams.

Hi Hal,

Thanks for the suggestion, I think you may have put your finger on it.

I didn’t even know thus was a feature but when I checked the settings I could see wind down was enabled from 11pm to 7am by default.

I haven’t had z chance to test it yet but seems like a smoking gun to me.

Many thanks again. I’ll update the post if I do confirm this as the root of the issue.



I’ve got a Pixel 2 phone that has an enhanced Wind Down called Bedtime. It can enable on a schedule if the phone is plugged in.

I think, but haven’t yet proved, that this does something to location tracking. Seems like maybe location gets disabled in Wind Down/Bedtime mode. This seems to be tripping my outdoor Nest Cams.

Definitely interested in what you figure out.