Notification log missing entries for presence devices

I have routines for our Android and iOS phones that change the state of virtual switches when the phones arrive and leave home, which in turn change the location mode of our home. The routines are working, in that the switches states are being changed, and the location mode is changing. However I just noticed today that the Notification log is not showing the iPhone activating the automations. The Android phone does show in the log. The last entry for the iPhone was Thursday Nov 30.

The text of the log entry is like:
“To activate the Allan’s phone leaves home automation, SmartThings shared iPhone location information with the members of Home”

Quite frankly it’s more important that the routines are working. However, is anyone else experiencing this missing log entry?

Update: I have now discovered that the log file on the iPhone shows the iPhone activating the routine, but not the Android. So each phone’s log file only shows themselves activating the routine, but not the other phone activating the routine. But prior to Thursday they both showed both phones in the log.