Turn Off Mobile Presence Logging?

I just got my SmartThings hub for Christmas and am already loving it! One thing that is sort of creepy is the fact that it tracks when me and my wife leave and arrive at home. I want mobile presence to work so that I can use the geo-fencing actions to turns light on and off, etc., but I do not want to have it log when her and I come and go. Is there any way to turn off the LOGGING feature but still continue to use the mobile presence for actions?

My friend! Presence is the key to every meaningful action in ST! :wink: you can go to home and family, click on the gear at the right corner at the too and turn off notifications.

I totally understand about presence being the key…thus the reason why I did not want to turn it off :wink: I also saw that I could turn off notifications. I was more curious about turning off the logging. In other words, I don’t want my wife to know that I left for 2 hours in the middle of the day instead of working. This is not meant to hiding nefarious behavior, but more to make sure she doesn’t know that I left to help my parent’s (her in-laws) with something when I should be “working” :smile:

Turn off notifications when you go on an “errand” and when you are back turn it on. What do we all do you think we do when we visit our ailing grandparents, cousins etc. Eh? This thing is called “smartthing”.

No hanky panky though! :slight_smile: your cyber friends are not a part of your errands! Do not delete your presence, just stop any push or text during that period.

Adam has left for work at 6:00 AM
Adam has arrived at home at 5:09 P’M
Performed “I am back” since Adam has arrived home.

There you go! The flaw in this setup will be if you decide to go back home to run any errand.

That all makes sense, however you can still view the activity regardless of a push notification. How do you go “off grid”…in other words, how can I make sure it is not LOGGED anywhere? Thanks for your help thus far…much appreciated.

I think the simple answer is that you can’t.

Well, at the risk of your wife’s ire you could just have the ST app on YOUR phone and give everyone else the ActiON interface, no logging visible there :smile:

Very interested to know if you disable push and text, where else is it logged? Event logs…duh… Unless she has some reason to, I don’t think she will look in ST logs… :wink: