Likely a simple question, that I just don't know the right context

I’ve just done my first bit of smartapp coding (with HUGE help from @ady624 getting me started with base code for a very specific use-case I needed) by splicing in some SMS notification code … I was able to find it in the developer docs ( easily, because I knew what I was looking for.

I’m having trouble finding what I want for some other modifications, however, and I don’t know how to describe it. Basically, I would call it the “logging” that appears within the mobile app for an individual device, under the “Recently” view. So - for instance … if I build a Smart Lighting routine to trigger my front porch light at sunset … after the light is turned on, I can click on “Recently” and see the name of the routine firing off.

This apparently is neither or log.debug that does this, because I have both in the code base that @ady624 started me off with … but neither puts an entry into “Recently”. And I’m having trouble guessing around at what the proper command would be. What is it that I am looking for?

The recently tab is not something you can write to. The only log entry you can control is the “notification”. Most likely there is an issue going around, as the recently tab automatically should populate with the name of the app that fired the event for the device you are looking at. @Aaron or @slagle may be able to help more…

Both PUSH and SMS have a weirdly called method - sendPushMessage maybe? - which also saves the message to the Notification page.

The Recently tab only applies to devices? And the device type handler uses sendEvent to put stuff there, with a parameter displayed: true

Ah. So what I have in mind, may not actually be possible.

What I was thinking for the Digital Turnstile (now new and imrpoved with working SMS notifications!) was that for the motion instances which did not generate an iOS or SMS message because it was below the threshold … to at least display the counter somewhere. That way, we can check the “Recently” tab and see the events that were tracked but did not cause a message because the threshold had not been crossed - and how close we were. So, for example “Turnstile: 3 events in past 24 hours” would be visible under “Recently” each time the turnstile smartapp logged a new event outside of the cooldown period…

But it makes sense now, that “Recently” is simply for recording device state changes at the device driver level. I may have to consider other possibilities to get that kind of view.

It looks like sendNotificationEvent() might also accomplish what I want - it will put something into the Notification feed, but not actually create a SMS or iOS (push) alert.