Notification Log in IDE Not Working

The only line in my web IDE’s notification log is:

00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 2024-01-01 7:00:00.000 AM CST - 3 years from now DEVICE false Refer to the new SmartThings app for your full event history and Samsung product device status.

Seems like there is a problem with the IDE?

The problem may affect live logging as well. I’ve been watching the live log for 20 minutes now and haven’t received a single line of text. Device logging is working properly.

Update: I watched the live log for almost 2 hours and didn’t receive a line of text.

I am seeing live logs in mine. It could be limited to your SHARD.

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Live logging just began to work again. Still same problem with notification log.

I do see that one message that you indicated with the year 2024 at the top but I do see some older logs in my notifications. The last one was a from a week ago.

You may want to report the issue to ST support.

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I’ll give it some time. Problems like this are all too common lately. Its just that I use the notification log to keep track of my home’s status while I’m at work.

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See item 2 in this chart. If you’re looking for event history, it may not be there any more

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What I’m looking at is, “My Locations” > Notifications. I guess this could loosely be called event history. But there is actually an events log at, “My Locations” > Events…

Looking at the event log, it looks like it stopped a week ago. This coincides with what jkp said about his notification log. I guess they are a part of the same system…? prjct92eh2 must be right about this.

Well that sucks.