"I'm Back" not firing for iPhone arrival - absent from activity log

I have an Android. My Wife has an iPhone.

We use ST Presence and Life360 to determine our presence.

Recently my wife’s iPhone doesn’t run the “I’m Back” routine - Even though the routine is set to run when “Someone Arrives” (which both ST and L360 presence is listed and checked).

My Android does it 98 percent of the time (except for the times ST goes nuts for all users in the world).

THINGS will state her as being Present/Away correctly. Me too.

HOWEVER, what’s weird is Her arrival/departure isn’t showing up in the Activity Log.
My Android shows up in the Activity Log. I Have two other people with FOB Keychain Presence sensors, and THEY show up in the activity log. But the iPhone doesn’t.

I"m guessing there might be some correlation to the routine not firing because of this?

Can anyone with iPhones in their system confirm arrival and departure entries absent from activity logs?

Tons of presence issues on both our Androids for the last 8 days, totally sucks

Good luck

Just had the Alarm system go off with both of our mobile phones present. The Hub was also in Home mode. Errrrrr.

Hey Jason,

Im having a similar issue. My girlfriend and I are both using iPhones. Smartthings registers and logs us leaving and arriving correctly thought the presence detection. Although it has not been triggering the routines properly. Usually we have a routine that shuts off lights when we leave or turns them on when we arrive. Yet no routines have been run. I noticed this happening earlier this week. Its highly frustrating and I’m wondering if smarthings pushed an update and it is not allowing the routines to trigger. There was a update awhile back that killed amazon echo connectivity so I wouldn’t surprise me that something similar is happening here.


Thanks Brian,

Things appear to be going a little hay wire for me. Normally when I get within my Geofence radius, things work well. It’s just recently I started experiencing this problem after the latest “outage”. Also little inconsistencies in my smart apps have been happening. I have a Sonos app speaking when a door is open. it’s volume is set at 35%. But it’s turning all the way up to 100% according to the logs - and it really is. Also My home switched to Away mode in the middle of the night. My motion sensors activated the alarm and woke everyone up. A bunch of little things are going wrong. :angry:

Fingers crossed and knock on wood but we have 2 IPhones used as presence sensors and so far they have never failed.

I can’t say we do all that much with the presence detection. Goodbye changes home mode to Away and turns lights and fans off. I’m Back changes the house back to Home. No life 360 involvement in our case.