Not getting forum emails any more

(Tim Slagle) #21

We did disable them. This was at the request of our management team.

(Brian Busch) #22

Sigh. It was awesome to just check out those emails for what topics were currently being discussed, rather than sitting down and manually searching the forums. Since those digests were disabled, I haven’t visited the forums, except to post in this thread. I used to participate daily. These are the decisions that make some people on this board wonder about the commitment to the product.

(Michael Philip Kaufman) #23

Hi all,

I’m new here (33 days), and am surprised to find that I get no email notifications of any kind from the site, even though I seem to have all the requisite options enabled:

I can understand (if not endorse) a management decision to suppress digests, but is it really intentional to not even “send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic”?

(jkp) #24

Have you looked in your mail spam folder? Have you set an exemption for in your email?

I am receiving emails from the forum. :slight_smile:

(Michael Philip Kaufman) #25

Well… I just got this one, strangely enough – my very first, in fact.