Help, how do I leave?

I hate to sound snitty, but I have decided SmartThings is not for me (see my question about “what if my internet goes down”). But I can’t figure out how to stop the email notifications from coming.

I thought if I stopped visiting topics, the forum would notice I wasn’t interested (something I thought I read about on one of the ST fora). But that didn’t work.

I tried following the “To unsubscribe from these emails, visit your user preferences.” link in an email, but I can’t see anything that says “unsubscribe” or any synonym that I can think of.

I have set every topic/category to “Regular” which should mean I would only get notifications if someone quotes me or replies to me. While I think what I have to say is really important, I really don’t think that many people are quoting me :smile:

I’m sure this is simple (once someone points it out to me).

Go to your account (click your icon in the upper right), go to Preferences. Scroll to Email and uncheck everything. Should remove all emails but allows you to keep your account.

We will miss you! We will keep a spot for you! Hate to see a cyber friend leave!

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I only had these three options selected for email
Receive an email when someone sends you a private message
Receive an email when someone quotes you, replies to your post, or mentions your @username
Do not suppress email notifications when I am active on the site

I have deselected them all. Maybe that last option was the culprit (I tried to be inactive ;-))


If nothing else works, you could always setup a rule to just trash anything coming from the email address that sends notifications.

Don’t we all love this community? We help even people leaving the community! :slight_smile:

@wenglish I checked your notification settings and all appears right. If you still are getting them and If you really want to, I can delete your account. I will escalate your notifications issue to the developers of the forum software, in any case.