Email to support getting bounced

I created an issued through the smartthings app and I got response from them about giving access to the logs and also screenshots. However, any responses to them are getting bounced.

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Hi, @Jebarson
Could you share the email address you’re using to reply to them, please? I would need to ask the team.
Is it I just remembered it happened to me once while doing some tests.

Yes that’s the one. Based on the logs, I don’t think the mail server is even listening.

ok, I asked my team and they mentioned we shouldn’t reply to that email directly, there should be a link in the email where you can reply, it might be a little hidden and not obvious in sight, do you see it?

Also, can you let us know which steps in the app you followed to report the issue, please?

The only link I see is the link to go to smart things web.

I went to menu - contact us - error reports - routine

Ok, let me check with the team further to see how we can achieve the communication.

Thank you appreciate that. While you’re on it, perhaps someone should test the automated mail content as well

Hi, @Jebarson!
Can you try opening a new report saying it’s a follow up to your previous one and mention you don’t get a way to reply to them, please?
I sent a test but they redirected me elsewhere and I still don’t get a link to reply to them. Sorry but we don’t have direct communication with them, I just asked people who have seen those reports before but are not part of their team either.