Not able to locate CORE in Automation->Add SmartApp->MyApps


Ive installed IDE and have created an app through IDE. Ive published the app and enabled OAuth.
On SmartThings, i see +My Apps tab under Automation->Add a SmartApp and Marketplace->SmartApps
I see all my apps that i had published over the IDE in the My Apps section. However, i do not see CoRE tab which would let me add/create pistons. Can anyone please help me out. WHat am I doing incorrectly?

Ive created the app over IDE via site
Ive got an Android Nexus 5x phone.

(Dustin Clark) #2

After the install in the IDE and publishing are you saying CoRE is not showing up in the marketplace - my apps section?

Or you did find it in there but now can’t create any pistons?

If it’s the first problem then I would recommend deleting and starting over. Making sure to follow all instructions to the letter.

If it’s the second then click on automations - smartapps and CoRE will be in there.