IDE showing CoRE but not smartapps

I have CoRE installed on phone, and have two pistons running with no problem, However when I sign into IDE it only shows the CoRE installed and no smart Apps running. Both pistons running show on my phone under smartapps. Is there away or have I left something out as to why they don’t show under IDE. Thanks in advance

I’d ask your question in the core author’s thread. Someone there should know.

Piston don’t show up as app in the ide.

They should:


Thanks, not aware about that

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Hi @3x0088,

Where in the IDE did you look? You should find them within My Locations and then Installed SmartApps.

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You probably know this but make sure you login to the correct shard.
Bizarrely you can log into all 3.
Only the shard your hub is connected to will show the apps.

Thanks that’s where they were, I didn’t realize you could sign in else where

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