CoRE / WebCoRE not showing up on app

Hey there, I have a hub at home where I have been using CoRE and WebCoRE for years with great success.

I got a hub for my office. At first, I set it up as a separate location but then I found out that IFTTT and Google Home would not integrate with a second location. (BTW, this is terrible.) So I factory reset it and set it up on a separate account.

I went to install WebCoRE and I installed it fine and enabled OAuth. It shows up under my SmartApps in the IDE. However, it does not show up on the SmartThings Classic app.

One other thing. If I go to the IDE -> My Locations -> Installed SmartApps - it does not show up here. If I flip back over to SmartApps on the menu, they all show up there with Status Published and OAuth true.

Can anyone help diagnose this? Smartthings is practically useless without WebCoRE.

Is it possible you’ve installed to wrong Shard?

Be sure to login using: and use My Locations to select your active Location (usually not necessary if you only have one Location)…

After a bit of frustration, I figured it out. I simply hadn’t gone into the “MyApps” on the Classic app and loaded it from there. Unfortunately, that final step of loading it into the mobile app is missing on the installation instructions.

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