Need Help with CoRE

Hey guys, I started using CoRE yesterday or the day before and all of a sudden this afternoon it seems to have gotten all messed up in my IOS app. Pretty much when I go to the marketplace and to SmartApps under MyApps when i click on CoRE i get a spinning wheel and then nothing happens. Same behavior for when I’m in the Automations SmartApps tab. Something interesting did happen though is I seem to have multiple CoRE installations now, but only one looks like it is my original with all my Pistons. Can anyone please help me out?

Once you have built your first piston you should then access core via the page that you are on, and not through the marketplace.
I suspect that is what you have done and why you have multiple entries.
Things are not good in the ST world at the moment.
Think ST is going into meltdown.

@bobbles I only tried to access CoRE from the Marketplace after I was unable to get to my Pistons from the SmartApps tab under Automations. Right now I would just be happy removing CoRE all together and starting fresh. However I can’t seem to do that because I can’t access it from the Marketplace to remove the SmartApp and the IDE doesn’t let me remove it from there because it is installed.

First… stop clicking on stuff lol.

Second… go in the ide and go to locations.
Click on list smartapps…
Click on edit in the top right Corner
Start deleting.

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@bamarayne when i do that i get an error saying “there was an error uninstalling your smartapp”.