Doorbell - existing wired ideas needed

I have a long narrow one story house and you can only hear the doorbell in the middle. I’m looking to add multiple doorbells using the existing wired doorbell button outside to trigger all the receivers somehow. The Nexia Z wave sensor is interesting but I would need to use either my smartthings hub or zwave bells if there are such things. Id rather not use the wireless button outside as they look tacky. my transformer for the doorbell is in the garage and easily accessible.

Sorry, I’m confused. Why don’t you want to use the nexia sensor? All it would do is alert the SmartThings hub that the doorbell had sounded. From there, you can do anything that SmartThings can do, including play a music file on a different device, send you a notification, turn on a network power relay into which a different chime device was plugged, etc.

If you’re just asking about hard wiring multiple door bells together without using any networked device, I’m not sure this forum is the best place to get an answer, although someone might have some ideas. But I would think it would be better to just go to a home-improvement forum and ask there.

But again, I’m confused so maybe I am just misunderstanding the question.

I just found the answer here

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