Wired Doorbell Options with Wireless Chime

I am looking to setup a wired doorbell with a wireless chime. This is for a cold weather climate, and batteries do not fare well outside. For the doorbell/chime, I am evaluating the Aeotec Siren and Arlo Wired Doorbell/Chime.

The aeotec siren looks like it would work, but the doorbell button does not. It is battery powered and would likely freeze. It also just doesn’t have the desired aesthetics. What can I use with 16V power that would integrate as a doorbell within ST?



The downside I see for the arlo doorbell/chime is that it would introduce a cloud integration. For privacy/security reasons, cloud integrations are frowned upon. I have seen mixed information on whether or not it would also require the addition of a hub. The form factor of the arlo doorbell and chime are both excellent though. Also acts as a ST doorbell and matches the power requirements.

As mentioned earlier, privacy/security is of concern, so anything related to Amazon/Ring is out as well as Google/Nest. Are there any other options that would work in a non-intrusive way as a smart doorbell?

Lots of people in the past have set up various sensors to detect when a conventional doorbell is vibrating. These can work really well. There are a whole bunch of them in the project reports section on the doorbell list. Some of the devices may no longer be made, but there should be current equivalent devices if you find something that looks good to you. The only exception is the Nexia Zwave doorbell sensor, which is no longer made. But you can create your own DIY version pretty easily.

And since the sensor is going inside your house where the doorbell chime already exists, you don’t have to worry about weather. :sunglasses:


Thanks, but the chime is actually being removed, which eliminated most of the options. So the outdoor button will continue to have 16V power via a transformer, but the chime is being taken out of that loop. The arlo seemed to be one of the few that had a 16V powered option at the door, but a wireless chime inside the house.

The aeotec siren is better as a siren/chime, but the triggering is tricky. Guessing a dry contact zwave sensor is the only option for this, other than Arlo.

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If all you have is a button, you can just use that like any dumb momentary light switch and connect it to any Z wave or Zigbee module inside the house that matches the voltage specs.

For example, doorbell button is one of the suggested uses for the following zooz relay. (Their tech-support can help you figure out the exact wiring if needed.)

Once you bring the button into smartthings, you can then use any chime device you like that also works with smartthings. Some people use a power outage alert that plugs into a smart plug, so when you cut the power to the plug the alert starts sounding. or, as you noted, you could use the Aeotec or dome if you prefer those features.

Did you look at Ring Dorbells

Yes. Just avoiding those for this setup given the Amazon connection and related privacy issues

I don’t see the Doorbell as privacy issue, as it’s outside, and anyone can see what’s going on outside. Privacy issue can be with cameras that are going inside.