Aeotec Button for Doorbell 6

Hi, is there a way to connect the " Aeotec Button for Doorbell 6" directly to smartthings hub?

I mean just the button, with out the Aeotec Z-Wave Doorbell 6.

I’m looking for a waterproof button that I can connect directly to smartthings


Unfortunately, no. The button is on a completely different frequency and it communicates directly to the base station for that device. Smartthings can’t recognize it in any way, it doesn’t use that frequency.

But you can have the doorbell device tell the hub when the button is pushed, does that not work for your use case?

Thanks for your response.
Yes that idea could woks, but I’m not a big fan of having multiple hubs hahaha so I’m trying to have all my “accessories”/“things” connected to only one hub.

If at the end I can’t find what i’m looking I will need to consider this option.