Non video connected doorbell

Hi. First post here. Recently set up a smart things network in my apartment. The only additions I purchased in addition to the starter kit were an extra motion sensor and a Neo Coolcam/Dome siren. Everythings set up and working perfectly but I have a question. In the settings for the siren (I’ve installed the device handler for the Dome siren and it’s working perfectly) I notice that it has a doorbell chime function. I would like to get a regular sized doorbell that would connect to this. I don’t want anything like a Ring doorbell because it’s too big, my landlord would probably not like me installing it and I’m sure my neighbours wouldn’t want a video camera pointed at their door. Is there currently a product that looks like a regular doorbell, would connect to the siren to trigger a chime, and would connect to smartthings to let me know if someone pressed it while I’m away?

Sounds like you’re looking for a button device that you can pair with ST. Then you could use a number of smartapps to trigger the dome siren’s chime when the ST hub receives a button press event.

Alternatively, there’s the aeotec doorbell, which comes with a wireless button and a plug-in chime with a number of built-in sounds. You can also upload your own sounds to the device as mp3 files.

Kind of expensive on amazon right now, I don’t think I paid 70 bucks for it when I bought one a year or so ago. But it’s a nice device.

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what @marktheknife said and there is someone selling Iris buttons for cheap in the deals section, or you can pick one up from your local Lowe’s. They are probably one of the cheaper solutions that is readily available.

Thanks for the replys. i’ve done a little googling and reckon that a z wave connected push button would probably do the job. Just a shame that there’s not one that looks like a traditional doorbell. I might print a sticker to put on it to make it more obvious. Thanks guys!

Check out the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki in the project reports section near the bottom of the page. There’s a list there for doorbell projects you should find interesting. :sunglasses:

There are several different popular methods.

A Button outside is one approach. Of you can use your existing outdoor button and hardwire it to a smart device inside to send a notification. Still Another approach is to attach a sensor to your existing chime indoors to detect when it goes off, then use that to trigger other SmartThings events. There are several different ways to do that–you’ll find details on all of these methods in the topics on the doorbell projects list. :sunglasses:

If you are comfortable with a soldering iron - look for ESP-8266 and any of the related solutions. Then you can use any button you line