Noon Home Smartlighting

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I know nothing about this system, I am not affiliated even remotely with this company. I just saw a very basic overview of the system on. Youtube tech channel. It won’t be long it seems before Smartlighting, even Smart home is just going to be lighting and home. I guess it’s like when lightbulbs first appeared a lot of light was referred to as Electric Light for a long time.

It’s an interesting product, but very limited compared to what people are used to with SmartThings or even lighting only systems like Lutron.

You have to buy a $200 “director” for each single room that you want to automate and then add additional individual switches for $99 each.

Availability & Pricing
Noon Home products are now available at select Best Buy stores, B8TA and at and at select Home Depot locations starting November 15. The Noon Smart Lighting Starter Kit, which includes one Room Director switch, two Extension Switches and three Noon Wall Plates, retails for $399.99. The Noon Room Director switch and Extension Switch are also sold separately for $199.99 and $99.99, respectively.

That’s for each room, not for the whole house.

That’s because this communicates by Bluetooth. The range is very limited. And so far, it’s not going to work with anything else except Alexa.

It has its own motion sensor built-in, but again it’s just for that one room. So you can’t have standing up next to your bed turn on the hallway lights and the bathroom lights. You’re going to move one room at a time. That may be fine for just moving around the house, but it doesn’t let you integrate it with other things like a party mode or a security mode.

The individual switches are really good looking. I just think the price point is pretty high for what you’re getting. But maybe the Alexa Tie-in will be enough to justify it for some people.

I didn’t see any Geofencing options, the typical “turn the lights on when I get home” use case, but there is an app, so maybe I missed it.

Anyway, there are definitely a lot of new products coming into the home automation space, and choice is good. :sunglasses: We’ll just have to see how these do.

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Absolutely it’s not what I would call Smart Lighting, but I think it could convince fence-sitters to start thinking about systems like ST. I have many friends who are amazed at my simple system but are convinced that it’s too complicated for them to implement. I can only imagine these Noon people have further plans for automation if they can get traction with this. I like the switches too.