Monoprice Bluetooth switch with Timer $7.49 with shipping

Home Automation Switch w/ Timer - Bluetooth®
Product # 10530
$4.99 reg $32.51
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Reviews aren’t so great and no SmartThings integration (yet), but may have some use case. Hey, it’s cheap! I dunno, maybe they’re just getting rid of it.

If I read the description right, this could be used for ( more or less) " follow me" through your house without any other outside input. As you ( or your phone ) moved room to room it would automatically connect to the outlets in that room and turn them on.
Something like this is why we NEED ST to turn on BT on hubs. Great way to have presence sensors in every room ( provided you always have your phone on you ). As you go about the house NFC knows exactly where everybody is. Provided you can have more than one phone/device paired with each outlet.

Yes, that would be a nice feature, but like you say, I wonder how devices can be paired and what the range is. Plus, there might be some Bluetooth reliability issues from reading a few reviews.

ST should turn on Bluetooth so we can start playing with that feature even unofficially.