Help On Pricing -- Whole house lighting

OK so I decided to pull the pin on getting smartthings setup for the house, this is roughly what I need

  1. 1 Light Switch For Front Door Outside
  2. 1 Light Switch For Entry Way
  3. 1 Light Switch for stairs
  4. 1 Auxillary Switch For Stairs placed upstairs
  5. 1 Light Switch For 2 Lights by stairs
  6. 1 Auxillary Switch For Stairs placed upstairs
  7. 1 Light Switch for light by tucks cage
  8. 1 Light switch for lights above tv
  9. 1 Light Switch for pot lights in kitchen
  10. 1 Aux Switch for pot lights by pantry
  11. 1 Hue Light or switch for counter lights
  12. 1 Light switch for dining room table
  13. 1 Aux Switch for dining room
  14. 1 Light switch for pantry
  15. 1 Aux switch for pantry
  16. 1 switch for laundry room
  17. 1 switch for garage
  18. 1 switch for outside back door
  19. 1 switch for master closet
  20. 1 light switch for upstairs hallway
  21. 1 aux switch for upstairs hallway

Then to get everything working together

  • motion sensor outside
  • motion sensor pantry
  • motion sensor for master closet
  • Motion sensor back door outside

I have priced it out and using GE switches $50 and aux GE switches for $18 the motion sensors I was thinking of using these:!/products/aeonlabs-multi

This comes out to roughly $1078 + 99 for the smartthings hub.

The question is can you guy’s think of any way to do this cheaper or find a deal somewhere ?

Thanks for the help

I don’t know about a deal but I would advise against buying all that at once. There is a learning curve with SmartThings as well as some issues with the platform. A more prudent course of action might be to purchase one or two items at a time, install them, and then test.

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Also, outdoor motion detectors rarely work well. Far too many false positives. I am personally not impressed with my Aeon Multi either. Mine started flaking out after about 9 months.

Start small, and build over time. As your experience and expertise increases, you’ll know which devices will best meet your needs.

Have fun!

I do recommend staying with the GE switches. They are rock solid.

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Wow, big project! Should be fun.

Deals thread here. Lots of good stuff, members post all the time.

As far as the GE switches, search the forums: statistically, once they are out of warranty, they appear to have a somewhat higher failure rate than a number of the more expensive brands. ( nothing to do with SmartThings, you’ll find the same comments on forums for other controllers.) But then they’re very inexpensive. So a lot of people feel it’s worth it to replace a couple of switches if needed to two to three years in, they still save money on the overall project.

I agree with everyone else who said don’t buy all the stuff at once. Do a room first, and see how it goes for a month or two. After that you can look for bundle deals or volume discounts.

Also I agree with the comments on outdoor motion sensors. :sunglasses:

Also, you should consider opening all of your switches to make sure you have power (black and white back to the fuse panel). The switches are going to need that. If the switch only has a switch loop from the light, you might need to use an aeon module up in the light instead.


Stick with zwave plus switches. My hope is that mfgs will provide a firmware update to enable instant status once the patent expires.

That said, before going all in, make sure you test the switch with your bulbs. I built a test rig that included a bulb mfg specified ‘supported’ switch to ensure compatibility. Look for dimming ability, being able to turn on if the dim was previously low. Hum from bulb. Hum from switch. Bulb or switch feeling warmer than expected.

Light bulbs used to be pretty interchangeable. Not anymore. I’d suggest sticking to consistent bulbs purchased at the same time in one order. Get 10% as backups for the next 20 years. I hate going into places with a smattering of different bulbs. It’s sloppy and visually chaotic.

+1 for Z-Wave.

I would also stick with the third party manufacturers. ST sensors don’t play with other hubs.

Most of us have a love hate relationship with ST (mostly love), but IoT is a highly competive field right now. The winner will be whoever can get their act together first. That said, if you ever need to jump ship your “things” won’t be married to a particular hub vendor.

In the telecommunications world we call this “Vendor Lock-in”, it’s very dangerous, try to avoid it.

Does not answer your question but a couple of thoughts: (please just ignore if they don’t make sense to you)
Have you considered dimmers for some of your switches?

I see that you use many switches. Have you considered door sensors to activate the switches? E,g my light outside the front door turns on when the door opens after sunset…

Smartthings lets you control other things besides just your lights: garage door (yeah, I know currently not 100% working), water heater, moisture sensor, doorbell/mailbox/washing machine (using an acceleration sensor)… Most of these can be done with the standard Smartthings apps.

The ST-branded sensors are made (mostly by Centralite) to the zigbee Home Automation 1.2 standard. They will work fine with most other Zigbee hubs on the same standard, such as Peq and Securifi. However, not all hubs will support all features, but that’s an issue with the hub, not the sensor. And of course Zigbee devices won’t work with a zwave-only system.

Nothing to do with vendor-lock, it’s just that SmartThings is a multiprotocol platform and the sensors tend to be Zigbee.

You can get zwave sensors if you prefer. But there’s nothing proprietary about the SmartThings Zigbee protocol. :sunglasses:

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Im also for the Zwave technology!

As for the outdoor sensors, I have not had any issues with the aeon outdoor motion sensor other than it eats batteries, so if you are able to have it plugged in 24/7 that would be the way to go. I have been using it for over a year or so. I had my sensitivity level setup to high when I first got it. Once I found that nice little median it’s worked great. GE switches work great no issues.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the information! Anyone know of any solid black friday or cyber monday deals where I can pick up the hub switches etc ?

Deals are posted in the deals thread, linked to in post six above. :sunglasses: