Smartthings Support no Response

Is anyone else having problems contacting support. Had a motion sensor fail, AGAIN, and there is no response to email and chat not working. Been trying for 5 days now.

I sent them a emeil yesterday and received an answer the same day, but usually 24 hours. Did you get an email back saying they received your email with a case number?

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That I did then everything stopped. You used to be to get things done really quickly but that seems to have gone, and when I now find that motion sensors fail on a regular basis its a pain. Am starting to look at different motion sensors as Samsung ones are so unreliable.

You mentioned chat is not working. Make sure you do not have any ad/content blockers enabled on your browser. If you do, exempt the site in order for chat to work. :slight_smile:

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Finally got support but sensor not working they offered to replace but cannot find receipt. Not very good sensors from Samsung this is my THIRD failure in the year like Smartthings but their sensors are no good and a bad buy.

@Cotech - in the UK you do NOT need a copy of your original receipt for warranty work. You just need to show a payment. So figure out where and when you bought it and look through your bank statements (if paid by card of course)

I’m also finding there is nobody manning the live chat support any more. Email is going to be sloooooow.

Still no response from my support email

UK :uk: right? I think @Aaron used to be your champion over the pond… Maybe USA’s @Brad_ST can poke someone long distance?

Support here is pretty darn good (within their official constraints), so I hate to hear a different reputation trending.

I believe you received a response this morning but I will nudge the UK about the speed of their responses.


Thank-you, Brad!

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Did you have any joy? I’m waiting to hear back about a power outlet that let off a burning smell and then fused with my plug…

Been waiting 4 days to hear about my motion sensor that was DOA :frowning:

I find responses vary. if you are lucky you can have a to and fro for 5-10 mins if at the right time otherwise its mostly 24 hours up to 48 if unlucky.

It could be faster but I have dealt with worse!