No "Unlock" Option for Galaxy Device (October 23)

Is there any way to influence Samsung to add back Unlock option to Find my Mobile?

Also let me know when you have tried to wipe cache partition

Hey, my phone currently locked and it says because I haven’t using PIN for 72 hrs.
It’s ridiculous, because I used fingerprint for months and thats okay before.
I’ve tried your steps but after step 3, I returned to unlock by PIN and there is no any option about Wipe Cache Partition

I had same experience like all of you here

  1. Try my PIN (correct) but nothing happend
  2. There is no Unlock option in smartthingsfind
  3. Tried Lock first but then it returned to enter existing PIN

I tried to change my PIN days ago but there is no option to change PIN from Setting, etc

I have a plan to sell my phone once it is repaired bacause of this thing >.<

I’ve tried the steps but after step 3, I returned to unlock by PIN and there is no any option about Wipe Cache Partition

I haven’t been able to try it yet because I can’t turn off my phone as to turn the power off I have to also “unlock” my phone. I have to wait for the battery to die.

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Try googling “recovery menu” for your device - you might have to do it from when your phone is switched off. To be honest, I am not even sure if the Wipe Cache Partition option will work - everyone is trying absolutely everything at this point. ._.

I finally went to Samsung Service Center this morning. I read that SSC can unlock the phone, unless we can’t provide the docs needed then they will reset the phone. I gave the docs needed (box, guarantee card) but they said that they can’t unlock and need to reset my phone.
After reset my phone, I can’t pass two-step verification from samsung account (I want to sync samsung notes since my pass accounts was there) because it didn’t send me the code for hours (code from device/SMS).

I tried to reach CS from samsung website and they helped me from Smart Tutor and they remote my phone, reset setting and after my phone restarted, It still doesnt work.
I tried to reach CS again, and they said I should set my SIM Card on another phone, but still not working.

I am tired.

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Is it locked via your service provider? If it’s your SIM then you can try contacting your service provider instead to see if they can unlock your phone.
Did you factory reset it? It sounds like you did? If you factory reset it you shouldn’t have to put a password in there.

There are 2 cases

  1. I forgot my PIN and I finally went to Samsung Service Center and they reset my phone. I can’t reset by my self because after samsung logo showed up, it back to “Enter PIN” screen. I used vol up + power button.
  2. After they reset my phone, I can’t log in to my Samsung Account because it didn’t send me the verification code for “Two-step verification” even by device or by SMS. It’s not abut the SIM card besause other apps sent me verification code and theres no problem

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone, wishing you all the best of 2024!

Yesterday I finally unlocked my screen by entering correct password. After a full week of headaches…

However want to point out something - the password I entered was the same one I tried on last Tuesday, when the time for the next attempt was reduced to only 12hours instead of waiting for another 24 hours. When I asked Samsung Support Center does that mean that I am close to getting it right, their answer was “No. It doesn’t mean anything”. I however decided to listen to myself and entered again the same pass. On yesterday’s occasion I waited for 4-5 hours before trying again, even though I could have tried it as soon as the 24hr waiting time expired. Now I believe - had I done it immediately, I am pretty much sure the correct pass would be refused again. So it seems not only the algorithm blocks your before you try again, but it definitely tries to confuse you as well. So my advice - do not try immediately, but wait for some time before trying again…

A huge congratulations and a Happy New Year to you! What an incredible way to start the year!
Thank you so much for this update!! It gives me hope. Do you think the timer reduces even more if you don’t touch it for longer?

I also asked Samsung Support Center about the timer when I contacted them a few days ago and they said there was no reduction in time (seems like there is after all). I’m so nervous now, because I think I have convinced myself that I have forgotten my password!

Hi! Can I ask if you turned off your phone or soft reset it? I’m on the lock screen where I need to sign into my phone after a reset - but when I soft reset, it put my phone on flight mode…

I used SmartThings to turn location on but it doesn’t seem to be able to register the location, despite seeing the notification pop up on the phone itself that location has been switched on.

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It does not have to do anything with restarting phone. The only thing you can achieve with restarting is restarting the waiting time as well. For instance - if there is 15hours left before another pass attempt, restarting phone will also restart the waiting time back to 24hrs again.

The algorithm also does not reduce the waiting time except in one case - when you have entered the correct password, then it will reduce the time and signal it was correct. These are conclusions from my case. So the best thing is: once the waiting time is done and you are able to once again try password, do not try immediately. Wait for few hours and then make another guess.

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I am glad you were able to get back into your phone. It has been four days for me. I did exactly what you said if the time reduces, than that is the correct pattern, wait 4-5 hours when the next time is up. However, this did not work for me. I am 1000% sure I am using the correct pattern on my phone. I wish Samsung would fix their security issues with the remote unlock to make it accessible again. My photos are the only thing not backed into the cloud. I am back to waiting another 24 hours. I think the recent upgrade is causing an issue. I am now using the phone in safe mode to enter the pattern with no luck, and I go really slow. I wish Samsung would allow us to remove the timing when our phones are locked out. :melting_face:

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Turns out, this is because of an exploit:


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This is so sad. I’m still hoping they will relaunch this feature with high security. I can’t let go of the memories stored in my phone.

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Samsung said they are working on this issue. One rep said they are trying to bring it back. They’ve had thousands of calls about this. There is hope. They can atleast give the reps the ability to do this after confirming purchase of phone, with invoice and phone plan that shows device used. I wouldn’t factory reset it. Use a backup phone. Im suffering using Iphone atm.


I am also suffering using an iPhone at the moment. I’m holding onto any luck the universe will give me for them to bring this functionality ‘remove unlock’ back. It’s been really difficult given all this MFA stuff too. My phone finally died for me to switch off my phone and re-try, no luck.

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in 27-01-2024 i also need unlock option but not showing same as you satuation

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12-02-2024 and still no fix for this problem. at least give us warning when hitting locking button

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I am also waiting for a positive update. My phone is locked for almost 3 months already.

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