Unlock button on Smart Things Find

The Unlock Feature has been removed from Smart Things.

Is there any other way of unlocking a Samsung 22S. My 70 year old father is convinced he is inputting the correct pin. But it keeps saying its wrong and he has to wait hours to retry.

I found this option to unlock through googling the issue, to discover this fiunction was removed a few days ago.

I really dont want to have re-set the whole phone as he has it set up the way he wants it.

His memory is not as great anymore.

Hope someone can help.


Welcome! I’m sure that’s a very challenging situation.

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with the Samsung SmartThings Home Automation system. It’s not officially monitored by Samsung staff, except for controlling spam and harassment.

You might get a better answer if you posted in the official help forum. That one is monitored by Samsung employees. I don’t know if there’s likely to be another change, but they would know more than we would.

Of course they may just send you back here since it Has to do with the app but I do think it’s worth trying over there:

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I hope Samsung will relaunch the Unlock Option. I have been locked for almost a month now. I cannot reset my phone because there are lots of photos stored in it.

I don’t think they will unfortunately. It was removed as hackers used it to access peoples phones.

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I was told over the phone, they were working on this feature to bring it back. I believe the recent upgrade, has messed up my phones pattern lock and it is not accepting the correct pattern.

The same problem! I think I will orient myself towards iPhone !

I have the same problem for the last week. My s23 ultra, don’t get the pattern, and my phone is locked for 24 hours every time I do the ‘’ wrong pattern’'. I can’t believe that Samsung doesn’t have a solution to this problem, when there are so many possibilities to prove that you are the owner of the phone in order to help you to unlock the device, without losing your data. How can this problem be solved ? How can we escalate the situation to someone from Samsung management? I understand that there are many situations like this and it is not normal that there is no solution. Especially when the solution already exists: the Unlock button from Smart Thing Finds.

This forum was set up a number of years ago so that customers could help other customers with the SmartThings Home Automation platform. It’s not officially monitored by Samsung employees except the handle spam and harassment. (and a small section to support developers.)

The best way to get the attention of Samsung corporate is to post comments on their public facing sites like Facebook and Twitter/x. Those are at least monitored by marketing employees, and they also tend to get the attention of journalists who can often ask direct questions of senior staff during interviews.

Its ridiculous. atleast samsung employees should have unlock option in service center. to prevent hackers may be we cant submit our proof. removing completely is insane

Exactly… iPhone users have this possibility and can unlock their devices by proving that they are the owner of the device. I understand that hacking is a problem, but there are situations where users need to access the data of a locked device, because anything can happen: forgotten pin or pattern, smashed screen, etc. I don’t think there is no way to unlock the device without data loss… the option was working some time ago.

I have the same problem, pattern locked out though it is correct, and there is NO Feature to unlock phone without losing all my Data

Samsung added an extra letter to a lock password few days ago. My phone is unlocked at my house and near my galaxy watch…
Today I went to job and my phone locked… my pass was incorrect so I went back home to get my watch and unlock it… nothing happened… now I am on 2 hours lockout AND phone switched to AIRPLANE MODE!!! So Its not connected and cant do anything